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The HACK Fund is powered by Hackers/Founders

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What is HACK?

The HACK Fund is a venture fund created by Hackers/Founders (H/F) that uses blockchain technology to provide accelerated liquidity to investors. Money raised during the token sale will be invested in top technology companies scaling globally

For Investors


HACK provides investors with liquidity. Investors can buy, sell, and trade HACK through online exchanges at any time.

Expansive Availability

HACK is for investors at every level - from the general public (non-US citizens only) to VCs.

Access to the Best Startups

Invest in the best startups worldwide without the challenges that can come with reaching them.


Invest like a Limited Partner. HACK offers diversified exposure to technology startups.


All portfolio exits are funnelled back into HACK, increasing its value for investors.

Investor benefits from The HACK Fund

Increased liquidity and exposure to blockchain.

Diversification into top global, high-growth tech startups through cryptocurrency.

Alternative to non-liquid crowdfunding, or high-risk angel investments.

Fund Overview

Targeted number of investments: 30 for every $10M raised.

Typical initial investment by HACK: $100k-$250k Seed, $500k-$2M Series A.

Investing in both pre Token Sale startups as well as startups growing towards traditional exits.


HACK Summary

Trade freely

HACK is liquid. HACK tokens can be traded freely via online exchanges

Reviews by boards of experts

Companies are selected for investment only after several rounds of reviews by boards of experts and acceptance to portfolio program

100% of returns

100% of returns from portfolio exits will be reinvested into existing or recently accepted H/F portfolio companies

Best companies in our portfolio

Up to 10% of the fund raised will also be used to liquidate our existing funds which are comprised of the best companies in our portfolio

$1 Million of stock

In addition, the team will be contributing $1 Million of stock from existing H/F Funds 1-4



Yearly ROI for our previous investors*









Including acquisitions from Facebook and Cisco


Hackers/Founders Portfolio:

Aquired startups


Enterprise cloud search engine

Aquired by Cisco


The Apple Store retail experience for any brick & mortar retailer

Aquired by Vista Equity Partners

Access Invest

Tinder for investing

Aquired by NCIT


Technical recruiting technology

Aquired by HireVue


AirBnB for camera gear

Aquired by KitSplit


Playable mobile app demos on the web

Aquired by Facebook


Video marketing automation


Featured startups


#1 search engine for vacation home rentals. Think: Kayak for AirBnB


Luxury suites / group booking


Interactive cross-browser testing


Largest publisher of mobile travel apps


#Connecting creative talent and companies in film, TV, and gaming


Simple and effective email marketing


Centralized information from automotive aftermarket in one place

Mi Dulce Hogar

On-demand home cleaning service


Innovator of OpenStack based cloud and infrastructure management software


Integrated commerce platform for retailers with an online and physical store

Code Ingenieria

Design, develop and deploy connected smart products and solutions


Smart platform for construction management

Social Status

Automate your social media reporting

Talo Brush

A smart toothbrush that brushes your teeth perfectly in just 10 seconds

Export Abroad

Exporting. Simplified.


Simplifying the processing of large datasets for faster artificial intelligence

Companies we invest in

Dealflow: Hackers/Founders derives dealflow from ongoing community engagement with 300,000 entrepreneurs in 47 countries and 128 cities.

AI, EdTech, Machine Learning, Blockchain, IoT, B2B, SaaS and many more.

Vetted by experienced angel investors and Limited partners.

Revenue generating companies with an existing product.

Benefits to portfolio companies

Our approach is decidedly hands-on. We partner with the best firms in the industry to maximize value to our portfolio.

Design / Engineering

PR / Marketing

Business Development / Sales Operations

Investor Relations / Investor Events

Cap Table Management / Accounting

Legal / Immigration

Token Pre-Sale and Distribution

During the open Token Sale, one HACK token will be priced at $1 USD

Token Pre-Sale

Pre-Sale Phase Bonus Cap
Phase 1 (Current) 40% $2 Million USD
Phase 2 30% Disclosed when 80% of goal reached

Token Sale

Activated when Pre-Sale Phase 2 goal reached

Token Sale Bonus Duration
Phase 1 20% TBD
Phase 2 10% TBD
Phase 3 0% TBD

Full Token Sale cap: Disclosed when 80% of end goal reached

Token Distribution

Percentage Purpose
70% Token Sale
18% Long term reserves
8% Operations and Advisors
2% Portfolio Founders
2% Community Development



Jonathan Nelson

Managing Partner HACK, CEO H/F

$600M portfolio market cap in 5 years. Member of SEC Advisory Committee for Capital Formation for Small and Emerging Business. Board member of Wilson Center for Public Policy - Latin America.

Laura Nelson

General Partner HACK, CIO, Co-Founder of H/F

As Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder, Laura conceptualized the H/F startup program, as well as thousands of educational and networking events. Her extensive experience in marketing and advertising means Laura’s insights are highly sought after.

Mak Gutiérrez

General Partner, Director H/F Mexico

Expanded the H/F Co-op to Guadalajara. Key to ongoing expansion efforts into more of Latin American markets, which are largely untapped and yet have a market cap of around 7 Trillion USD



Brad Yasar

Managing Partner at Krowd Mentor

Brad is an entrepreneur, investor, mentor, and advisor who has started and bootstrapped several companies from inception to maturity over the past 20 years. Currently the co-founder and Managing Partner of Krowd Mentor, a strategic crowdfunding advisory firm focusing on ICOs, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and token-powered organizations.

Dan Cearnau

CTO at KrowdMentor

Dan is a blockchain developer implementing smart-contracts applications on Ethereum for mutliple ventures raising capital through token sales. In addition, he is an experienced tech entrepreneur and cryptocurrency expert.

Will Bunker

Partner at GrowthX Fund

Founded (now known as, which became the largest online dating site of the 90s with only $100K in capital. Sold in 1999 for $47 million. Will is an expert at helping businesses scale by finding creative ways to engage and build their user bases.

Andreas Haugsnes

Founder and Principal Security Consultant at Aeonware Corporation

Andreas Haugsnes is a security researcher that moved to the United States in 2005. He has founded four security focused companies and authored several patents covering intrusion detection, authentication and security scalability. With over a decade of Information Security experience, he has been an implementer, consultant and manager/director for financial institutions and large technology firms, including VISA, Mastercard, Zynga and LiveOps.

Hongyu Li

Founder, IC Cafe

Hongyu is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of IC Cafe, with 20 years of integrated circuit design experience in Silicon Valley, Mainland China and Taiwan. He is currently working on ultralow power ICs for wearable devices.

Nick Sullivan

Founder, ChangeCoin and Mentor, 500 Startups

Nick Sullivan drives technology development. As a founder of three companies, and engineering lead at three others, he understands what it takes to build top quality technology teams that accomplish the goals of the business. Nick has created millions of dollars worth of value for multiple companies.

Welcome to HACK

A Hackers/Founders Fund

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out:

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